One Show

Butterfly è il Teatro del Fuoco One Show con splendidi giochi di luci UV e led. Butterfly è l’uvshow targato Teatro del Fuoco. Il migliore spettacolo di luci UV per le tue esigenze, garantito dal festival riconosciuto a livello internazionale. Una coreografia elegante, emozionale, dinamica e moderna. Lo spettacolo è adatto […]


TdF Energia
Energy is a show where the fire is a symbol of strength and power. The seduction of the flames creates dynamic choreographies that expand in perfect synchrony, leaving the audience breathless. A sparkling, young and elegant show with special effects. The interpretation of this Show is the control of one’s […]


scocca scintilla sparkling lovers
Sparkling Lovers is the sinuous harmony of bodies, the seduction of the flames. A unique show for his energy that ignites and inspires fascination and magic.

Sparkling Lovers

Passiones Ruben Celiberti
Passiones is the show of Ruben Celiberti with a choreography created by Ruben Celiberti and Enzo Caruso, with the participation of dancers, acrobats, fire dancers of the rest of the world.

Passiones with Ruben Celiberti

Feminine Flame is the feminine expression. Female is LIFE, in a metaphor that integrates all its forms, and ‘the idea that the Earth is a kind of womb for life, a mother goddess at each seasonal cycle is renewed and knows the mysteries of life and death, it is the […]

Feminine Flame

Tricolore scena rossa
The tricolor: our flag, and at the same time a show about love, peace and tolerance with a blaze of light and color, acrobatics and music. It’s a hymn to Italian Culture and international innovation.