Sold Out the show in Castello a Mare

Palermo Italy, 2 August 2017 – The show “10” of Teatro del Fuoco, International Firedancing Festival was on 1 August in the splendid location of the Castello a Mare, an archaeological area near by the sea of Palermo. A lot of people with enthusiasm and great participation was on line at the monumental complex since 8.00 pm. The sold out highlights the importance of initiatives with a high cultural value, such as the Teatro del Fuoco created ten years ago by Amelia Bucalo Triglia, journalist and organizer who with her ingenuity and passion managed to create a show that allow people to dream and to fall in love with life. “A challenge, a great satisfaction for all of us – says Amelia Bucalo Triglia – We left Stromboli in 2008, we have been traveling the world, we have been in Tokyo, in Rome, in the Mediterranean islands and we returned to Palermo to celebrate the 10th birthday. A great effort but a great success because the audience responds to the desire for cultural events and the Teatro del Fuoco feeds on this. It seems that soon we will make a stop on Etna and in Rome, we are working on it “.
In “10” the audience was welcomed at the entrance by Icaro and a siren and invited to travel in the path of fantasy towards the plateau of the Castello a Mare, while Hephaestus and the nymphs of the stars donated sparkles to make shine all in a party night.
On stage, from 21.30 onwards, the dances and acrobatics of the 11 artists, whose performances have interspersed without any pause, for an hour and thirty. The show begins with the prologue, where all the actors and dancers dressed in white find a mysterious box, a symbol of gift and curiosity. The warm, passionate and intimate fire is represented by the interpretation entrusted to artists from Hungary, who transport the public in a sweet dream, dancing in a duet that touches the heart of Palermo. A sculptor with a sculpted body breaks into the stage, climbs the iron scaffolding and reaches the sky with the force of his movements, twisting with the rhythm of music: it is Tomek, the Polish acrobat who with his slim and powerful physique amazes in his interpretation of Icarus. Elegant and smoothing the dancers, ready to proceed on ever more pressing rhythms, giving proof of their formidable sensuality.
The Slovak artists amaze with an underground dance of fire and UV lights with a metropolitan flavor. And their beauty, of course, falls in love with the large number of people who carefully observe their sculpted physicists. Cubes, white veils, circles and kites fly over the heads of the audience in a perfect choreographic work that enhances the individual details of the body languages, the acrobatics and the more playful and vitalistic aspects of the performance. Touching the dance performance of Polish artists wearing white dresses with long veils that rise to the sky, all perfectly synchronized and give goose bumps. Huge balls and glasses of white wine celebrate the beginning of the tenth year of the Teatro del Fuoco, actively involving the public and especially the children, attracted by the colors and dances of the actors in the audience. The grand finale sees all the artists on stage in an exploit of fire and light with ropes, torches, clubs, chains, circles, umbrellas and pyrotechnic effects, a show that illuminates the audience that rewards the show with a long applause. Also the tenth appointment of the Teatro del Fuoco determines the falling in love in a land where the elements and human beings toast for the big party of life.
The audience was enchanted by the performances of mime, dance and acrobatic evolutions enhanced by fiery sets and choreographies of artists from the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland, who told – with strange tools such as whips, ropes and fiery cubes, rings, fans, veils, trapezes, fabrics, ribbons and other strange objects, as well as costumes with bright colors, muscles and sinuous shapes – the story of a dream, that of the Teatro del Fuoco, which for ten years has been celebrating the beauty of the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean islands and brings together the best artists in the world in their respective disciplines, merging them into a unique and exciting choreography. The show “10” of the Teatro del Fuoco has narrated a concept made of multiplicity and diversity with artists from all over the world, clear examples of how the various cultures, which seem opposed and contrasting between them, can enrich history.
The X edition of the Teatro del Fuoco, International Firedancing Festival gave space to different moments: the clandestine show of July 26, an impromptu performance under the starry sky of the city that caught the audience of the Palermo Nautoscope by surprise; the Daylight parade at the Cala on July 29th, where the marine version of the Teatro del Fuoco gave life to sea animals coming directly from the abyss creating a moment of unique, joyous and festive entertainment. News of the tenth edition of the International Festival is the traveling photographic exhibition “Fire Sicily – 10 years of Emotions with the Teatro del Fuoco®”, which will take place until October 21st in Palermo, in the Aeolian Islands and Egadi, in Trapani and Catania, and the “literature” section created with the aim of stimulating the imagination of young publishers and authors who want to launch an editorial product in which to represent the meaning of fire. The Teatro del Fuoco Focus and Literature are added to the appointment Teatro del Fuoco & Food that takes place all summer with the best Sicilian chefs in the tour places that has been realized for ten years.
The Teatro del Fuoco has reaffirmed its vocation as an instrument of valorisation and image for a territory that is culturally united, emotionally involved, and cohesive in tourism. In this regard, the appointment, highly anticipated by citizens and tourists who choose the stages of the Teatro del Fuoco to plan their holidays, has been included by Forbes, US journalist, in the list of the 12 coolest festivals in the world worth traveling thanks to the feedback from international tour operators. The first edition of the Teatro del Fuoco was created in 2008 in Stromboli, in the Aeolian Islands, Unesco Heritage site and the spearhead of tourism in Southern Italy. In 2009, the Teatro del Fuoco received the first medal from the President of the Italian Republic, for its high cultural value, and later made the Tricolore show in Rome for the Italian Government. In 2016, the Teatro del Fuoco still takes place in Palermo in conjunction with the UNESCO recognition of the Norman Arabic Route. In June 2016 it travels to Tokyo to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan.On the 2017 it received the second medal from the President of the Italian Republic and now he is ready to continue his tour around the world.
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