The fire is symbol of energy, passion, love, elegance, imagination and colors of Sicily.

Teatro del Fuoco® is the only dance theater festival – with fire – like that in Italy created in Stromboli in 2008. Every year It is on tour in the Aeolian Islands, Palermo and other islands of the Mediterranean the last week of July. Teatro del Fuoco® was granted a product of cultural tourism and innovative marketing by the President of the Italian Republic and it is quoted in Forbes magazine as one of the 12 coolest festivals worth world travelling.

Festival is made of shows, workshops, dinner-theatre, road shows of music, dance, mime, acrobatics and fire and light. a Section is dedicated on food which is story and art of italian culture.

Teatro del Fuoco® is for audience of any age.

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Festival Archive

  • YEAR: 2015 – TOPIC: Buskers
    A sequence of unique entertainment performances, unforgettable, strong visual impact along the streets to “turn on” the focus on beautiful stages.
  • YEAR: 2014 – TOPIC: Sparkling Islands
    The title emphasizes the Mediterranean creativity, enhancing local resources such as the environment, culture, food, tools for economic development.
  • YEAR: 2013 – TOPIC: Burning Desire
    Edition dedicated to the desire to express themselves, to the passion in pursuing their dreams and perseverance that each of us takes to reach their goals.
  • YEAR: 2012 – TOPIC: Feminine Flame
    Female is LIFE, in a metaphor that integrates and includes all its forms. Femine Flame is based on mutual exchange, is the idea that the Earth is a kind of womb for life. It’s a mother goddess that each seasonal cycle is renewed and knows the mysteries of life and death: it is the goddess of wisdom. The theme refers to the anthropomorphic conception of the earth mother goddess by taking inspiration from the flame, the breath that fills life. A tribute to Jeremy Rifkin theory and empathy civilization rework as artistic revival of an ancient ritual in favor of the Mother Goddess, an artistic transfiguration with the languages of dance, fire, music, acrobatics and mime, translates a ancient wisdom in the knowledge that in the new millennium, talk about smart grid, distributed power, empathy, cooperation, renewable energies.
  • YEAR: 2011 – TOPIC: Fire is Passion
    Passion is the experience that most of all houses in its bowels the life instinct (Eros) and the death instinct (Thanatos), in a dark coexistence that makes every vital impulse and joyfully decomposed face counterbalanced an unexplained and unfathomable sense of loss: to love, give without hesitation, and burn in a fire that existence rooted even through the pain caused by the loss of self.
  • YEAR: 2010 – TOPIC: Myths of fire
    Myth (from the greek μύθος, mythos, meaning word, story) is a narration of sacredness invested relative to the origin of the world or the way in which the world itself and living creatures have reached the present form. Usually its characters are gods and heroes. Often the events narrated in the myth takes place at a time before written history. A time very close to the world of fairy tales and fables such as beginning with “once upon a time”, very often the myths begin with expressions such as: “in illo tempore”, “originally”, “back when there was no time”. The illo tempore of the myth is not an any time, is a sacred moment, established in principle by the gods, that embraces the most distant ages, this world and the future.
  • YEAR: 2009 – TOPIC: Transformation
    Transformation meant “perpetual becoming.” The transformation involves all the processes and determine the renewal and to some extent the revival of “spiritual”, sometimes – as in the case of recycling – even “material”. Fire turns what it burns, but at the same time feeds and generates heat, so life, like art in all its multiple forms of expression. The spectacular representation be it dance, pantomime or singing produces the very moment we are spectators a transformation of our feeling, a disturbance of the soul that makes us different people. Who is on the scene dies every day to be born performer and produce in the observer a change, to tear the daily dimension of feeling and remove to a new world, able to enchant, amaze, excite him. This is art.
  • YEAR: 2008 – TOPIC: Energy
    Fire dancers from different countries of the world perform in several performances every day, the only criterion only what their feelings in a crescendo of rhythmic suggestions, whirling colors, harmonies and gentle tinkling of weapons of seduction. From Piazza San Vincenzo, heart of Stromboli, the Amphitheatre Eos, the open area outside the old pier, promenade, up to Ginostra, pure energy.