Passiones with Ruben Celiberti

Passiones Ruben Celiberti

Passiones is the show of Ruben Celiberti with a choreography created by Ruben Celiberti and Enzo Caruso, with the participation of dancers, acrobats, fire dancers of the rest of the world.

Enzo Caruso is a dancer and choreographer, studied and took part at many theatre workshops directed by Julian Beck and Judith Malina who founded the living theatre of new york and Jery Grotowsky,director of the Art Theatre of Cracovia.
After many experiences in which Enzo Caruso was the protagonist in Italy and abroad, since 1985 he works in the Teatro Massimo ballet of Palermo.
He has been directed by Ricardo Nunez, M. Bejart, R. Petit, Vittorio Biagi, Ferenc Barbay, Joseph Russillo, Loris Gay, Derek Deane, Wayne Eagling, M. Hodson & K. Archer, M. van Hoeche, A. Amodio, L. Massine, G. Barabaschi, Maio Piazza, Luca Bruni.
He danced with: Carla Fracci, Luciana Svignano, Birgit Keil, Lynn Seymour, Evelyn Desutter, Nora Esteves, Ghislaine Thesmar, Elena pankova, Isabelle Guerin, Alessandra Ferri, Ludwig Durst, Gheorghe Iancu, Denis Ganio, Irek Mukhamedov, James Urbain, Marco Pierin, Damian Woetzel, Alessandro Molin, Laurent Hilaire, Desmond Richardson.
He worked as choreography assistant with Graeme Murphy, director and choreographer of Sydney Dance Company.

About Ruben Celiberti critics wrote: “Multiformed, talented, amazing”; or again: “The secret lies in a powerful personality (sometimes high) projecting in its versatile art energy that does not let up.”
Versatile and stylish Italian-Argentine artist, Ruben Celiberti was born in Rosario in 1964, studied dance, piano and singing in the Institute of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and he perfected in Paris with Serge Peretti, Ivone Goubé, Sulamith Messerer, Azari Pilisetzky and Lacqueline Fynnaert.
In 1992, with “Amor y tango,” he inaugurated a successful career as a choreographer conceiving a spectacular original and effective formula, mixing dance and song, the protagonist of which is versatile. In the same vein lie “A pure talent” (1996) and “Pasiones” with which debuted in Buenos Aires in 1998.
Argentinian good, Ruben has a great creativity, imagination and vitality. He has a way of seeing and living the tango: “Tango is a love relationship. It’s the dance where each needs the other, where the steps of one of the other steps in the blend. Tango is balance, but at the same time excited because only the tango bodies are tied and they indulge, embrace and are detached to meet again. It’s a universal dance because it expresses love, trust, passion. Tango combines a passion to vocation to life, to love”.

In the pictures shown below, some of the highlights of the show, produced by the Teatro del Fuoco Festival 2011. For the shots we thank the photographer Fabio Stassi.

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