Tricolore scena rossa

The tricolor: our flag, and at the same time a show about love, peace and tolerance with a blaze of light and color, acrobatics and music. It’s a hymn to Italian Culture and international innovation.

On stage, dancers, actors and performers who bring out the colors of the Italian flag: green, a symbol of hope; the pure white; fire red, color to the Teatro del Fuoco signature and soul. A tribute to Italian history at the hands of artists from all over the world, with their own baggage of gratitude towards our beautiful country.

The show was created to celebrate the festivities of the armed forces and the unification of Italy recurrence for the Ministry of Defence of the Italian Government in the year 2013. Went on stage for the first time on the day of June 2, 2013, it is available for replies also during other special events that have to do with the Italian spirit and traditions of the world’s most popular boot.

In the pictures shown below, some of the highlights of the show and of the artists who took part. For photos we thank the photographer Fabio Stassi.

If you want to buy the show using the form in the CONTACT US page or call the organizing office using references on the same page.