XI edition Teatro del Fuoco International Firedancing Festival

“Future” is the theme of the 11th edition of Teatro del Fuoco, International Firedancing Festival which will be held in Sicily from the 31 of July till the 5th of August

Power, imagination, enchantment, seduction is what you will find in the 11th edition of Teatro del Fuoco, International Firedancing Festival. This year not only has the festival multiplied its shows, but it has also added social commitment and has found new ways of entertaining whilst using the magnificent Sicilian scenery. The 11th edition of the festival will take place as of the 31th of July till the 5th of August.

Great originality and innovation for an essential festival of the Sicilian summer that has for 10 years confirmed a valid offer for tourists, culture lovers and the many admirers of the Teatro del Fuoco. With new cultural panoramas and  breathtaking performances every year it has been defined as one of the 12 appointments worth making a trip for.

Amelia Bucalo Triglia, the artistic director of the Festival, says that  for the first time : part of the money will go to the well-being of children in cancer treatment ; the show will revive the flame within spirits by combining the live concert of Agricantus  with fire dance ; new fascinating tours on the “mysteries of fire” will lead participants to discover Palermo whilst the seduction of the flames will mark the spiritual rebirth of Gibellina; connecting the mastery of international performers to a multitude of local skills. The goal, as always, is quality entertainment for tourist..

The first event of the 11th edition of the Teatro del Fuoco, International firedancing Festival is the  “Agricantus & FOCU”  show on Tuesday, July 31st at 21.15 pm. Teatro del Fuoco dancing fascination will combine with the harmony of the music of the group Agricantus, in the evocative scenography of the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo in Palermo (the Italian capital city of Culture 2018).

A story based on the evolution from the past to the tight rhythms of modernity, of sounds and images, by tying itself to the sinuous and seductive lines of fire. Under the starry sky of the Palermitan summer, the last pieces  “Akoustikòs” of Agricantus with Mario Rivera, Anita Vitale, Mario Crispi and Carmelo Graceffa will surround the audience in an enchanted atmosphere in the crackling light of the fire.

“Future” is a show (outside the common imagination )that turns its gaze on the children and the social commitment. “Future” like the future of new generations with their desire to live, grow and move forward. The show “Future”, which is a family friendly show, is staged at Villa Filippina on Wednesday August 1st and on Thursday August 2nd at 21.30 pm. Teatro del Fuoco will transport spectators an other world through the sinuous movements of the flames, the whirling acrobatics and the explosion of colors of light. Part of the proceeds will go to the department of Pediatric Oncohematology, A.R.N.A.S. Civico, Di Cristina and Benfratelli of Palermo to offer the children in cancer treatment  moments of wellbeing.
The last show of “Future” is on the 5th of August at 21.30 pm for the Fondazione Orestiadi program and is staged at the Baglio Di Stefano in Gibellina.

One of the new addition in this 11th edition is the “Teatro del Fuoco Tour” dedicated to the immersion of participants in the “Mysteries of Fire” along the streets of Palermo (capital of Culture 2018 ), the discovery of the city of Palermo (places, monuments, streets and characters) among the folds of history in which the flames become creative, magical, sacred, profane, erotic and productive power. The seduction of the myths and rites of fire is observed by a new and extraordinary perspective. The Teatro del Fuoco  “Mysteries of Fire” tour will begin in Piazza Vigliena (Quattro Canti) on Friday 3rd of August and Saturday 4th of August at 6 pm. A preview presentation will be held on Friday, July 27 at 6 pm. As of September the first week of every month, on bookings only, tours will be given : http://www.teatrodelfuoco.com/

The Festival is included in the Sicily region “great events” calendar and in Palermo City of Culture calendar. It also has the support of the city of Palermo.
The tickets, starting at 15 €, can be purchased through : www.circuitoboxofficesicilia.it and www.fodazioneorestiadi.it and they can also be brought at box offices all around Italy. The days of the shows, only the remaining tickets will be available for purchase. Booking for Teatro del Fuoco “Mysteries of Fire” tour is only possible through www.teatrodelfuoco.com.
Free buses, offered by Amat, will be available for the shows in Palermo departing from Piazza Europa two hours before the beginning of each show. For the show in Gibellina, buses can be booked through the company Labisi.
For more information: www.teatrodelfuoco.com – 3296509941

The Teatro del Fuoco ®, has received two medals of recognition, the first in 2009 and the second in 2017 , from the President of the Italian Republic as an innovative cultural tourism marketing product. Furthermore, in 2015 it was considered, by the magazine Forbes (USA), among the 12 coolest festivals in the world for which it is worth making a journey. Teatro del Fuoco gas also performed for the Italian Ministry of Defense in Rome on the channel Rai 2 and in Tokyo representing Italy on the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan. It is included in the calendar “Greater events” of the Sicilian region and in the Palermo calendar City of Culture 2018.

At the heart and soul of the festival Teatro del Fuoco is the imagination, inspiration and fantasy of Amelia Bucalo Triglia, a journalist who has always worked in the communication world and in the organisation of cultural events.
After collaborating with public and private agencies, she dedicated her life  to the conception of a cultural tourism project with the aim of enhancing the Italian culture whilst combining it with international artistic innovation.
In 2002 Jacques Sequelà , the guru of the communication world, was invited to Palermo. He recognised the Teatro del Fuoco project with its true value and encouraged Amelia to go forward with the development of her innovating unprecedented project. After years and years of hard work, in 2011, she became responsible for Jeremy Rifkin cultural projects. In 2018, she has been awarded with “Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic “. Amelia has always surrounded herself with a staff from all kinds of different backgrounds that share with her the cultural values of the “empathic civilization” in the field with  individual and group work.